Monday, November 22, 2010

Quirk of Luck

It was summer holidays, Sharada was happy the she could go to attend her  cousins’  wedding along with her husband and kids. Esha, her daughter was the apple of her eye . She  always hoped that her daughter will fulfill her unfinished dreams.

She reached Srirangapatna with her family and the wedding went off well .  Her husband  suggested that  they visit the Rangantittu , a beautiful Bird Sanctuary on the banks of Cauvery that was a haven for a variety of rare birds with its dense foliage.It was a place that both kids and elders could enjoy alike.  The kids were super excited,  with the very  thought of the various types of birds, the lazing crocodiles and not to forget the coracle ride.

They set off to the sanctuary soon after lunch with  packed snacks. and  reached the sanctuary in time to begin  their tour when day light was bright.. Sharada was an avid nature lover and a bird watcher and was soon engrossed in  looking for  birds. She knew it was the breeding ground for migratory birds from afar. Every now and then  as she spotted a bird, she called out “ Look Esha -Spoon Bills, Storks egret,heron patridge" and so on. The  kids were too amazed  to see the variety of birds which they had only heard fly here from long distances but have never  seen.   After some time, they decided to explore the islets which were a little further off, though the guide did mention that since it had  rained heavily, it would  be risky.

Yet again, Sharada was enthralled on seeing  those rare Siberian storks.  However, they had to be content with remaining in  the boat as it was not advisable  to  explore the islet.and watch from a distance before they returned. All were just too happy with the excursion, when suddenly they realized that  Esha was missing!  Sharada panicked, she was too shocked, how and  where did Esha go, did she fall off the boat? All thoughts and worst fears  added to her anxiety. Everyone began searching her here and there, but it was of no avail. Sharada’s world appeared to sink, she prayed hard.   All the elders around tried  to console her, as the men decided to search along the banks.

Out of the blue, she saw two men holding an unconscious child moving amongst the crowd towards her direction. She fervently hoped that  would be her daughter and ran towards men .Her joy knew no bounds when she found her daughter. The men said, they saw the child battling for life in the river waters and rescued her.  She wanted to reward the men generously  and went to get her husband.When she  returned within moments she found  that the Saviours  had vanished!.


  1. Hearty welcome to the blogworld.This is the right medium to share your musings and also learn from other blogs.
    I have started following your blog.A few gadgets may be added to embellish it.
    The story is beautifully written and the end gave a feeling of a miracle with divine intervention. I look forward to your regular posts.

  2. that indeed is really nice of those men. godliness in those men seen in the story.

    Many such stories to come I hope
    enjoy a good day ahead

  3. A Most Hearty Welcome To The Blogosphere.

    Beautiful Excellent Fantastic Writing. Your writing was panicking at a stage & then, it sailed through happy ending :) :) It was definitely the Divine Blessings Towards the child :) :)

  4. Its really beautiful and lucid!!