Thursday, March 13, 2014

No Unanswered Prayers

“There Are No Unanswered Prayers. 
At Times, The Answer Is  NO"

This thought for the day left an imprint on my mind. If one were to analyze, yes it is the truth but acceptance of it bitter. 

By nature, we tend to look up to God and pray more in our hour of need with the hope that His Divinity will not fail us. When we are not bestowed as we wish, we believe that our prayers were unanswered. But actually, it was answered with a simple no which we realize after an agonizing wait. 

During that painful wait, we are filled alternately with hope, despair, uncertainty, confusion and such like, not to mention the aspersions/praises we cast. What makes it worse is that the time line for that ‘wait’ can never be determined. Moreover, during ‘the wait’ we need to make our own conscientious efforts for our prayers to fructify. Most of the times, we fail to realize it is a ‘No’ but repeatedly we keep pleading.. 

“It was never meant to be” is a tough answer to accept and tougher to let go and reconcile. This requires great mental strength. The reasons for the negative result could be attributed to lack of total faith ,inadequate prayers or the powerful influence of past Karma in spite of us putting in our best efforts on all fronts. 

In my view, there are just two ways of looking at a No from God. 

As the saying goes.. ‘When one door closes, another opens; but we often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the one which has opened for us.” This rumination of closed door has a great opportunity cost which we realize too late 

Secondly, while we would like to be aware of the reasons as to why our prayers and efforts were not rewarded , in the scheme of things designed by God there is no way to know. We are left to accept the outcome with resignation. 

In conclusion, the Divinity manifests in many ways and the onus to realize that God is impartial to all and there is a cause and effect ruling our lives lies on us. 

I faithfully believe He handholds us and walks by our side.


  1. While karma shapes our life that is no reason to be fatalistic and not make any effort.Try we must always with touching faith in the providence and accumulating good karma.
    A nice post

  2. Loved the line- " we often look regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see which has opened for us". Very true!

  3. Yes accepting the NO is difficult, but as you say may be its for our betterment only..may be we shall get something better than we asked for..have faith!

  4. Good topic for a post, Krupaa. HE knows what is good for us and we will get even 'No' for an answer with some reason, though we might come to understand it in later date. We have to be true to our conscience, that is all.

  5. I honestly think prayer is a means of gathering positive energy and the confidence that settles in. . . I don't believe much n god. . but the post is swell

  6. Simply put but like you said really hard to come to terms with it
    Interesting piece.....a food for thought post

  7. Much need for me now . Thank you

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