Thursday, February 17, 2011


Smita was the better of the twins. A pretty young girl, an envy to girls of her age for her beauty and height. She excelled in sports and other extracurricular activities, though she was average in her studies. She was God fearing and came from a rather a well to do family with traditional values.
When Smita was in the final year of schooling, as was the practice, the school had organized an excursion. This time they set out for Ooty, Tamil Nadu for a three day visit. Like one and all, Smita too looked forward to going on the excursion, but was not permitted by her parents. Nevertheless, after her friends pleaded with them, they relented provided she played safe. The excursion to Ooty was enjoyable and they all returned happily.
As days passed by, Vani, her mom observed something amiss in her daughter. She was never that listless, did not participate in any activity as she used to and was rather morose. Though initially, Vani ignored it, she got reslly worried when her condition did not improve.It was when she discussed the matter with Ravi, her husband who opined thatit should be in a passing phase and that it is best to leave her alone..
One evening, while the family was in the garden, Smita fell as if pushed by some force, but immediately dusted her as if nothing had happened. This started occurring more often at school, at home and everywhere! Vani and Ravi grew anxious at the frequent occurrences and decided to approach the doctors. Even the doctors after sufficient tests, were as clueless as the couple. What next?
As the occurrence increased unabated the school requested Vani to remove Smita from the school.Iit had a terrible impact on Smita and worsened her condition with her becoming more withdrawn and depressed. Vani did all she could, but in vain. The elders of the family decided that they should visit soothsayers and see what could be done to overcome the predicament. Thus started the visits to all and sundry soothsayers who assured them solutions, albeit for a price. Ultimately, Smita only worsened and their pockets dented heavily

Lets’ pause to think what would we have done if we were in Vani’s position!

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