Saturday, June 25, 2011

Wedding Anniversary

As dawn broke, Murthy   & Veda went about their routine but one could discern certain enthusiasm, some cheer in their step today.   Today was their 50thWedding Anniversary.

With the children having settled abroad, and unable to manage on their own they had moved to an old age home. Initially, the children used to call frequently but this gradually tapered off to an occasional call much to the chagrin of Veda though Murthy took it in his stride.  Veda hoped that they would at least call on this golden jubilee day  to greet them and decided to remain near the telephone. It was a mother’s heart yearning for a show of affection.

Meanwhile, Sudeesh, manager of the old age home requested them to come to the prayer hall.  At the hall, they were greeted by all the other inmates who had organized a special pooja for the couple followed by a hearty breakfast that included the couples favourite food.  This show of affection overwhelmed the couple but Veda still had a heavy heart. She yearned to hear from her kids.

While Murthy recounted to the gathering his early days with Veda and the ups down of their life, Veda on the other hand wished to stay by the telephone. Every time the telephone rang she lifted it with great hope of a call from her children only to find it is someone else wishing her  During lunch Sudeesh, requested all the inmates to be  prepared for an outing around 4 o’clock. Post lunch, Murthy persuaded Veda to rest and advised her not to have much expectations. He said that expectations only cause disappointment. Veda reconciled herself to the predicament.

Taking a rather detached and charitable view, Murthy felt that there presumably were other pressing priorities in life for the kids than just being with or wishing them on this day.  Veda initially declined to go with the group for the outing, but relented when Sudeesh insisted.

At 4 O’clock, Veda and Murthy along with Sudeesh and  other inmates set out, everyone was  curious to know where they were heading to, but Sudeesh  pretended  to be busy and did not respond.

The bus stopped before what appeared to be a convention hall.  All the other inmates were thrilled on realizing the purpose.   But Veda and Murthy were so disheartened that they failed to observe the venue or the bus stopping.  

When they disembarked, they were totally amazed and astonished to see their children, grandchildren and many relatives waiting to greet  and wish them.  Joy knew no bounds for Veda and Murthy, when they all hugged the couple,  paid their obeisance and showered them with innumerable gifts.. Veda felt that she was hasty in her assessment when she realized that the children wished to give them a pleasant surprise.

The children had organized a splendid get together which included a small pooja, sumptuous dinner but the icing on the cake was the speech given by their eldest son, where he recounted the sacrifices made by his parents  to bring them up and acknowledged  that today if  they held  prominent positions, it was solely due to  them.  He concluded saying “when god wants to speak and deal with us, he does not avail himself of an angel but of parents”


  1. Very nice story interestingly told.Some get thrill in giving a surprise but wld hv expected Veda's children be in regular touch with their parents.No one can be too busy for their parents.But it is sadly becoming the norm

  2. Woww So Beautiful Touching Write Up Dear:) :)

  3. heart touching one.....Veda's hopes sure were beautifully brought to light...

  4. “when god wants to speak and deal with us, he does not avail himself of an angel but of parents”.. TOUCH WOOD. VERY NICE

  5. hey buddy waiting 2 c yr next post yar..cheers n wishes

  6. your stories have a fairy tale charm:)