Saturday, August 27, 2011

Two Timing

Geetha’s world comprised of Prasad and her kid and she believed she led a happy life. Both Geetha and Prasad were working in a bank. She was by nature hardworking and ambitious while Prasad was laid back in his attitude.  Geetha was fascinated by the opportunities the probationary officers’ examination offered and started preparing for the same. But this did not go well with Prasad who feared she may occupy higher positions and start disregarding him and the home. Much to her repugnance, he held conservative ideas that women should play a subordinate role to men and take care of home and children.  He had also no ambition to improve his position and was content to remain where he was whiling away his time playing cards and gossiping with friends. This made Geetha all the more determined to work hard to clear the examinations. This grit of hers had the tacit support of her in-laws. When she finally came out in flying colours  and posted in the same city to the happiness of all, Prasad was seen sulking.

Her success hurt his ego and was furious that she surpassed him and started earning much more than him besides controlling numerous staff. In his blind jealousy he even made the preposterous demand that she stop working and be a home maker. Geetha emphatically rejected his suggestion leading to frequent arguments between the couple affecting the family harmony. All the pleas of Geetha that the increased remuneration gave them a life of comfort, help his parents financially and also enabled them to put the child in a good school. Prasad wasn’t convinced arguing that there was no necessity for such fanciful expenses and they could do with less known school. When she persisted with her ways, he gradually moved away from her limiting his conversations with her.

In these circumstances he found greater comfort in the company of Chitra, a colleague of his. A spinster Chitra was taken in by Prasad’s good looks and consoled him with sweet words to gain his affection.. In due course what started as occasions to unburden his woes led to falling in the charms of Chitra. Prasad also on his part confided in her his desire to get separated from Geetha and fortify his relationship with Chitra. Thus started their steamy affair unknown to Geetha. Luckily for him Geetha was the head of another branch of the bank and had no occasion to know his friendship with Chitra and treachery.

Matters came to a head when Chitra insisted that Prasad marry her by hastening his divorce with Geetha. She started pressurizing him threatening to make their relationship public.  Prasad knew that Geetha had immense support of his parents who had a dim opinion of their son.  This was known to Prasad and he was hesitant to bring up the topic of divorce.  He pleaded with Chitra to give him some more time while he schemed to have his way. 
He wanted to be in the good books of his parents, get thrill from hurting Geetha and also enjoy the company of Chitra.  Scheming as he was, he devised a plan.  He along with Chitra managed to get transferred to a new branch away from the existing city   He managed to get a fake decree of divorce and pacified Chitra that he had divorced Geetha. They started living together happily by marrying her in a small temple. Except for his weekly visits to his home on the pretext of meeting parents, things were hunky dory.

Over a period of time, Geetha became the Zonal Head of the Bank and was an inspiration to many of the lady staff members.  She had to make an official visit as the zonal head to the branch where Prasad and Chitra worked.  There she was felicitated by the ladies of the branch.  During the exchange of pleasantries with Chitra, she said “Madam, you would not know me,but for your divorce with Prasad, I would not have been married to him” The words came as a sledge hammer to Geetha and her world came crumbling down.  Geetha who was dumb struck for while soon regained composure and said she would like to talk to her separately.   Later when, Geetha and Chitra met they realized that they were conned by Prasad.  When confronted by both of them together, Prasad realized his game was up.  He lost his freedom, his job, his parents, wife, friend and above all respect.


  1. Incompetency and jealousy took Prasad to ridiculous lengths and ultimately to debauchery and crime of cheating.He was foolish to think that his depravity would not come to light one day.
    A good story narrated very well.

  2. male chauvanism at its peak brought his downfall
    ....when will men learn

  3. yes lakshmi is right in the first line..but the second line..hmmmm

  4. In any triangle, I always feel that all are to blame..Geetha is too ambitious, as you have stated in the second line only..couple has to decide what is their priority in life...if one spouse thinks differently, then they must discuss and come to an agreed way, rather going their own way.Why wome like Chitra get into relationships with married men? they are also at fault....

  5. Sad state of affairs. And very true in today's world. If you don't like the things that are coming your way, go your own way. NIce story.