Sunday, December 18, 2011

Sneha's Gaffe

Siddarth relocated to Bangalore for a better career.  He joined a company as a General Manager(Marketing). Sneha was working there as an Admin Executive and had a good knowledge of the policies and procedures of the company.  She was designated to assist Siddarth in his work.  From day one Sneha was drawn by Siddarth’s handsome looks and winsome ways. She felt a strange and pleasant sensation whenever he spoke to her in his soft masculine voice. She found every ruse to be by his side and gain his attention. Siddarth on the other hand was impressed by Sneha’s intelligence and her ability in assisting him in his work.. He could easily sense Sneha’s feelings for him. He also knew that she will be an asset to him in his work. While he mildly flirted with her, he took care not to encourage her overtly.

He could meet tough targets with   Sneha’s able assistance in coordinating with branches and other departments.  He realized that he could use Sneha’s weakness for him to his advantage and hence he too played along without crossing boundaries..  Sneha assumed that he was shy to express openly his love for her and was happy she had found love at last.  As days went by their work brought them closer and often went for lunch, dinners and parties.

 Little did Sneha know that Siddharth was just using her in his area of work and was friendly with her with no romantic feelings for her. Valentine’s Day was around the corner. Sneha purchased a rather expensive gift and decided to bare open her heart on this apt day.  He too had bought some nice gift for the occasion pleased as he was with her work. Come Valentine’s Day, she gave him the gift and expressed her love for him in no unmistakable terms. While he gave her his gift, he said he would react to her proposal later due to certain peculiar circumstances he was in. Shocked she was at his lukewarm response, she decided to wait and know what is preventing him to reciprocate fully. May be his parents or other domestic circumstances could be the reason for his reticence. In any case she decided to bide her time

At the half yearly review, the Directors were all praise for Siddarth for the record achievement and obliquely mentioned about the reward awaiting him for his good work. Sneha who was sitting on the rear chair was immensely happy. While thanking the directors, not once did he mention of the great help he got from Sneha though he mentioned many others. Later in the evening when they were together in his room, an overjoyed Siddarth told her that major share of the credit for this recognition went to her. This pacified her initial disappointment to some extent.

A couple of months later in one of the private moments, Sneha broached the topic again only to get an elusive reply buying more time.. For the first time Sneha was flustered and realized that he had not professed his love for her so openly as she did. He had neither spoken about his family nor about the circumstances that stood in the way of his openly reciprocating her feelings for him. Could it be that he loved someone else?  Siddarth sensed the change in the colour of her face and her discomfort in continuing the conversation. He tried to pacify her but she she pleaded headache and left for her home.

It was Siddarth's birthday. He had taken a day off. Sneha wanted to surprise him and in the evening on her way back home she dropped in at his residence with a gift in hand. When she rang the bell, a petite and elegant girl of her age opened the door. Sneha introduced herself and said she came to wish Siddarth for his birth day.
She replied softly with a smile in her face “I am Rohini, his wife. Please be seated. He will come in a little while. He has gone to collect the birthday cake. He has mentioned that you are his assistant and take much load off his back.”   Sneha was devastated at the man’s treachery and cunningness. She just wished to vanish from that place the very moment. She said as she stood up.”  I just wished to leave this gift. I am in a hurry. Please allow me to go.”  “Please wait. He will get upset if I send you away”Rohini pleaded.

Just then Siddarth entered the hall and was shell shocked when he found them together. A consummate actor he was cool and composed. With a broad smile he said “Hi Sneha what a surprise! How did you get to know my address? Thanks for the great gift. I wished to introduce Rohini to you but you both seem to have become friends already."  Sneha mumbled some words and left immediately. When Siddarth came to office the next day, he could not find Sneha. His secretary gave him an envelope marked confidential that contained her application for long leave along with a short note.
“I regret the day I met you. You are a cheat and an opportunist. You could have been frank on the first day about your marital status. Instead to get my help in your work, you gave me the impression that you are also in love with me and continued to flirt with me. Even on the second occasion you were elusive and did not have the mettle to declare that you are already married. You kept me in the dark to make me work for you more.
I am proceeding on long leave and have no intention to work in your department anymore.”


  1. Excellent story.It was naive on Sneha's part to assume that he loved her with no crdible evidence. But people blindly in love commit
    such mistakes.But she was lucky he did not take advantage of her love in wicked ways.

  2. nice story

    what i don't like about bosses is when they mention the contribution of every team member but leave out the name of the most imp one. it hurts. sid seems to be one of them.

  3. Nice one, but I think here the girl was too besotted to think properly as the boy nevr said any wrong is the problem today with free mixing in opposite sexes..

  4. Touching story, sad the poor girl got used up. But it just happens a lot these days, either sides. Both the sexes are clear in 'using' someone for climbing up the corporate ladder...Disturbing trend, no doubt.

  5. She should not have gone on long leave but shifted to other department and done well in her job and got accolades which she deserved most.

    Very well written story, Krupaa!

  6. Hey hey, did I get angry for the way he treated her? The impact of the story!

  7. @Sandhya
    Thankyou for visiting my blog.
    Hmm, maybe u are right for I think girls should true grit.

  8. lemme join the chorus...nice....

  9. nice story and the action of girl in last is excellent.