Wednesday, December 14, 2011


On a visit to a pilgrim centre, as I alighted from the train and looked around for a taxi, I was approached by an auto driver of around 60, who offered to take me to the hotel at a reasonable price.  On the way to the hotel, he began asking me from where I was and why I was here and how I knew of the hotel and so on.  There was a slew of questions coming one after the other quickly! I was assailed with doubts. Why does he want to know and what are his intentions?  Does he have any ulterior motive? Is he part of any gang? But I answered him briefly that it was arranged by the travel agency.
 He then said, “Madam, this place is full of touts who cheat and fleece unwary pilgrims. Since you are a lady and your visit is only for a few hours, if you have trust in me I will take you to the temple and guide you so that the darshan is quick, hassle free and not expensive.”While I was debating within my mind, looking at my uncertain expression he said “Madam, please trust me, no harm would come to you. In fact you can pay me at the end when I drop you at the railway station. If you wish can leave your belongings in my auto, but please ensure that you carry with you your purse and phone.”  This statement hit me in the face – His trust worthiness and my trust deficit!  As assured by him, the visit went off really well without any glitch and I was a satisfied soul.   As I recounted the incident on my way back, I reflected on TRUST.
To me ‘Trust’ is confidence you generally place on a person after an evaluation of his honesty, reliability, his integrity.  It decides the success of any relationship, be it husband-wife, client-professional or employer –employee and every other relationship.  We become trust worthy by the way we maintain or build our relationship.  
To retain trustworthiness amongst our contacts, one has to adhere strictly to certain principles:
To be trustworthy you have to be truthful – even an iota of deceit can bring the trust crashing down and give room for suspicion.  Your words and action would have to match.
You have to honour your commitments – be they promises, appointments or being punctual. This trait invariably generates trust.
It requires loyalty – it is not that you praise him to sky on his face and denounce on his back.  Being trustworthy is when you pat someone’s back even in his absence.
Never have a superior attitude, value the viewpoints, judgments and experiences of others.  The acceptance that we are not infallible is a first step to win trust.
We must recognize, admit and accept responsibility for the mistakes we make.
Cooperation is another requirement; follow policies, procedures, systems in office and the family guidelines at home.
Trust is strengthened through good communication – being open in your communication and not being            

The greatest benefit of being trustworthy   is the feel good factor.  How happy would you be when you are reposed with confidence/ trust?   Your self esteem   grows by the knowledge that you are trustworthy!
Trustworthiness is an admirable trait.  It is the index of our intent to be honest, loyal, unbiased, humble, accountable, cooperative, just and communicative.
To be trusted is a greater compliment than to be loved. – George MacDonald

A quiz on trustworthiness.
 Rating of 1 – never, 2-sometimes, 3-frequently 4-always
1.      I tell the truth, even if it might make me look bad.
2.      I treat people fairly.
3.      I behave ethically.
4.      I admit when I’ve made a mistake.
5.      If I promise it, I deliver it.
6.      I am consistent in what I do.
7.      I can be depended upon.
8.      I take time to understand the expectations and needs of others.
9.      I stand up for what is right

27-36: You are Trustworthy.
18-26: You need to become more trustworthy
<18: Trust is missing in your lexicon!


  1. Hey...i scored 27! Still have to work on trust, i hope. But being someone who trusts people a lot, i always find myself with misplaced trust- often deceived. It really hurts when someone whom you trust turns his back at you...

  2. Before we earn the trust of others,we must have strong trust in ourselves and see how we fare when we are tested on critical occasions.We need to ask ourselves frequently the questions that Krupa has posed in her quiz if we are to be sure of it.I took the test and I need to work more on being trustworthy

  3. Good quiz Krupa..I dont know whether I am worth it, but everybody trusts me a everything:)