Saturday, April 21, 2012

Wages of Wrong Doing

Dorai, as he was called, was known for his innovative ways of marketing.  His company in a short time grew in size and volume acquiring such a name and fame in business world that it was the most sought after by the local brands. He encashed on his talent as opportunities arose and the company became a byword in the engineering colleges and business schools for campus selections.
Dorai came from a humble background, where giving and sharing was ingrained.  With time as his wealth grew, his charitable activities also increased but sadly there was also a disconnect with his attitude.
It was a privilege for many young talented professionals  to be employed at his firm.  Dorai ensured that his office was equipped with the latest technology and that there was no dearth of facilities.  To the outsider, it gave an impression of concern and competence, in reality, Dorai was stern and autocratic in his dealings
He scouted professional institutions to tap young talent, painted a rosy picture, hired the cream by offering them fancy salary packages.  The deal was that freshers will be taken as interns and offered training and opportunities to develop their talent and subsequently absorbed in the rolls of the company.   The freshers were carried away by the internship program.  The only transparent process was deputing interns to overseas institutes because these institutes selected the interns.
Dorai’s true colors were seen when their services had to be confirmed, they were made to sign contracts that were binding them to serve the company, had   violation clauses were severe and  also insisted on  deposit of all their original certificates. The interns had no choice but to work for Dorai.
 Dorai was manipulative too as he always kept the government officials well greased.  He ensured in a subtle manner that his charitable activities got publicity.  So to the commoner, it was picture perfect, Dorai the philanthropist, entrepreneur, an inspiration to the youth and so on. He greased his way to receive the State award for Philanthropy & Youth Encouragement.  The many paid interviews by the media only strengthened his popular personality.. 
It was from one of the many establishments that Kirti’s name came to his notice.  She was a bundle of talents, sensible and intelligent.   But Kirti had other plans of becoming an activist.  Dorai was keen to have her in company’s rolls for he realized her potential and persuaded her to change her mind.  It was during this meeting that Kirti felt something was amiss with this man and his company. Though she was not carried away by Dorai persuasive  tactics, she realized this could be platform to launch herself as an activist.  Much to Dorai’s happiness, she agreed to join as an intern.   It did not take her long to figure out the injustice being meted out to the recruits and the stringent clauses in the agreement.  When confronted, Dorai brushed her off saying it was common business tactics and the system required it.  The more Kirti tried to change, the more she failed and was mocked at by all.  Kirti had no remorse as, she was determined to show the world the true picture of the employer behind the façade of  business ethics and vaulted reputation.
A God sent opportunity for Kirti came in the way by her being selected by the overseas institute, though it eventually meant trouble for Dorai.  During her stint with the overseas institute, Kirti won the praise and support of many due to her affable ways and talent
 Before her departure she made one more attempt with Dorai to change the regressive ways the professionals were treated with a view to retain them. She pleaded with him to do way with signing of contracts, deposition of original certificates and his other mean tactics. She suggested constructive ways of retaining talent but Dorai not only refused but in a bravado justified each one of his unfair tactics and the entire unethical process of confirmation little knowing that   Kirti was video recording  her conversation with Dorai. 
When she shared the recording on a social network site, it shocked the entire business word, bringing his reputation to mud. The academic authorities took note of the wrong practices employed. Dorai‘s world crumbled  to naught when he could not face the world.


  1. Is this a true story? How can people do this I often wonder. But here in the Gulf it is common at least with the expat worker. They are made to work for a mesly sum. Their passports are taken away, maids are tortured etc

  2. not a nice situation to be in and hoping it is only fiction

    1. Agree with you but there are certain offices which do resort to these means ( though to a lesser extent)

  3. Oh, such a horrible thing. The end was good!

  4. Oh my gosh.....You have portrayed the truth.....Seriosuly unethical practices are followed by many of the firms ....Lovely post:))