Saturday, April 7, 2012

Why Pray ?

For most of us the day begins with a prayer.

But many times, doubts assail in my mind why should we begin the day praying or rather thanking God? What if I do not, will I have terrible day? Is it a sin? , while such questions rage in mind, how many have the courage to skip the morning ritual?

We agree that God is omnipresent and all powerful and is in complete control of everything, but still we pray for health, wealth, forgiveness and sustenance . But the question is when God is in control, why at all we need to pray?

For one, I am sure, God does not have to be impressed upon, the sequence of life’s happenings are preordained , as some say based on karma, then why pray? I am told that the effects of the purva karma,good or bad, will have to be passed through and even god does not interfere with that.

In my mind we pray because we want to connect to God, tell what is on our minds, have that intimate dependence , to deepen our relationship with God. This profound relationship nutures us, gives us stability. Prayer makes our mind clean and keeps us away from evil thoughts.We do not add to the bad karma.

I also opine that praying is not asking/begging for favours, There is nothing wrong in asking, but don’t persist. I would ask for a blessing and leave to God’s will, for he knows best. By accepting God’s will, irrespective of the outcome, we would have garnered the spiritual strength and perhaps get more marvelous things! The trust in god gives us the confidence and positive attitude so necessary for success.

It reminds us of our place of humility, and that there is a divine force above, guiding us.In today’s fast paced times, we hardly want to spend time with God but yet expect that all our whims and fancies are granted, which is unfair. It is like any other relationship, you get what you give .

For me, prayers is not only by going to places of worship, chanting religious verses, performing rituals.While these help in focusing the mind and disciplining it, it is not a prerequisite. But thinking of God, sharing your thoughts with him, sincerity in the work we dowithout worrying about the outcome is real prayer.

Prayers done with good intent and honesty will always be answered in His own mysterious ways.But one must remember that god helps those who help themselves.One's sincere effort is a must for god to grant the wishes."Trust in god but keep the gunpowder dry" said Oliver Cromwell to his soldiers.


  1. The trust in god gives us the confidence and positive attitude so necessary for success - This is the main reason, I too like to pray to god.

    I believe in karma too. We can just pray to god and leave it to him to take care of us.

    Oliver Cromwell's quote is very apt for this post.

    Good subject and very well written, Krupa.

  2. I endorse Sandhya fully.You have explained well the purpose of prayer.Ultimately the aim should be to know oneself truly and merge with supreme consciousness.Such an attitude for inward search to know oneself would come only by focusing on god and doing one's duty with detachment.
    I liked your post

  3. Sandhya has said all i wanted to say..I pray everyday and trust god to do the best for me..

  4. Nice post. True, these days the rituals are gathering more importance than the prayers themselves:(

  5. only a handful think this way. and it is refreshing to know you are one of them :)