Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Life is Precious

More often than not, we read in newspaper, “Boy commits suicide for failing in exams”, “Girl hangs herself for treachery by lover”, Mounting debt drives man to consume poison and so on. Taking away a life is an act of cowardice, an easy and foolish option, without exploring the immense potential that life can offer.
Is life really that worthless to sacrifice? To me life is most precious, as precious as we can make it out to be, by the value we attach to it. A mere reprimand or a failure or an adversity does not mean end of life. It is just a pointer that we have been given one more chance to prove our mettle and the value we attach to life.

Life would be without charm and monotonous, if it was even like a straight line without challenges and struggle. It is the ups and downs in life and the joy of overcoming the hurdles or serving others when in comfort that makes life enchanting adding value to it. "Find ecstasy in life; the mere sense of living is joy enough” as Emily Dickinson put it. It is the trials that strengthen us to face daunting situations.  Show me one man, who says he has had no worry, I will show you a liar.

In comparison to countless forms of life, to be born as human is the most precious and a blessing. We are gifted with conscience and intelligence. God made us unique in comparison to other forms of life, not that other forms are worthless. Each had its purpose.  We are endowed with more ability, decision making capability, and tremendous intelligence. Ponder over the fact that just one strand of our DNA, contains more information than what man can store on a single computer hard drive.

An absolute moment to realize life’s preciousness is the moment of near death. It is then we begin to pray, think of all our misdeeds, it is then we think of how important it is to live no matter how lowly it may seem.

Our perception determines life’s preciousness and our perceptions are guided by our conscience. So, all that we need is a clear & transparent conscience. There must be an understanding that life is an opportunity and a test.   There is a God given purpose to it be one high or low in position.  Life is a trust and the time spent on enjoyment and pleasure, beyond what is essential to lead a simple life, is a breach of trust.  Living to love and loving to serve God’s children is the purpose of life.   Invest life in service and be grateful to God for the opportunity.

One may perversely argue whether life could be considered precious if one were handicapped and deprived of some faculty? If one cannot   see the beautiful greenery around him or hear the birds chirping or its beautiful songs or be able to talk with others, can we deem then one’s life is not precious?  It would be good to remember the amazing work done by people with serious disabilities. The Paradise lost was written by a blind Milton, Beethoven the great composer was deaf, Stephen Hawking, the renowned theoretical physicist has motor neuron problem, Helen Keller who was a great author, political activist and lecturer was blind and deaf.  There is countless number of such people across the world that may not be   famous but still live with honour, battling, and overcoming their disabilities every single day of their lives. They never give up.

Life is as precious as you make it and we could make it more precious by accepting reality, doing away with frustrations and unhappiness and living it with a whole lot of positivity and faith in God.

Life is all about trusting your feelings and taking chances, losing and finding happiness; appreciating the memories and learning from the pain and realizing that people ALWAYS change.


  1. Nice, meaningful post, Krupaa! You have said it all in the last line!

    When you get old, it is interesting to discuss about how we crossed all the hurdles to come to the level where we are now! It is very very interesting, ask me!

  2. Very effective post, "All we need is a clear and transparent conscience", well said. The day everyone listens to his/ her conscience, all troubles will end.

  3. yes life is all about taking chances and trusting feelings
    excellent post

  4. I don't know whether you are young or old. But your blog is loaded with very precious thoughts about life. Very thought provoking. As someone from the Super Seniors Club, I had been contemplating a lot on such questions and a lot to write about. You seem to have motivated me to write more on my thoughts. Thanks.

    T N Neelakantan

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